The Petergirls Hawaiian Adventure!!! Soon to be a book & screenplay!

Hey Ya’all!

Well I’m back stateside after 2 years in Hawaii and what an ADVENTURE IT WAS!!! Full of lots of shooting adult content, fun, sex, & SCANDAL!!! So much to say I’ll spare you all for now because I’m back to writing screenplays again and this one will be a doozy! For years my friends have been bugging me to write a book and this will be my first go at that as well but def not my first screenplay. In fact, one of my scripts was plagiarized and made into a HUGE blockbuster movie. More on that later…

In the meanwhile, I am catching up on the updates for my members to see in FULL HD Broadcast quality. It’s of some of the hottest filming I have ever done! Enjoy!!!

The Best Porn gives POVPorn a score of 80!!!

The Best Porn gives POVPorn a score of 80!!!

For many years The Best Porn dot com was the bible of all review sites that would make or break a site if they loved it or hated it. So getting a score of 80 out of 100 is a great compliment coming from them! I do agree that it is hot, but could stand for improvements, that which me and my badass programer are doing. Recently I just added 50 new scenes shot in the last year and a half with many more in the que. Shooting sex scenes in Hawaii is difficult and we have gotten kicked out of several places for “Weird sexual noises coming from my place” which I replied to: “Weird? You mean, like… SEX? God forbid people still have sex and enjoy it so much they have screaming orgasms and moan loudly!” In my opinion, you should have sex every single day of your life up until the end! Sex is the ultimate measure of a great relationship – along with communication. But, isn’t “Fuck me hard you big stud!” and “Yes, yes, yes… I’m coming!” the best conversation to have? And sex is healthy and also a great exercise as long as you aren’t to lazy to get on top! Anywho… another word of mouth suggestion to join my sites, hope to have you as a lifelong member like some have been for 16 years that POVPorn has been LIVE!!!

Virgin-Stella-Luv-POVPorn-220124 237_087 DSC_8556 copy

Mr. Pink’s gives Petergirls a 85!!!

Top Porn Review Site Mr. Pinks gives Petergirls a score of 85/100


85 out of 100 of all the porn sites on the planet is pretty good score for Petergirls by a top review site like Mr. Pinks! one quote I particularly like is: “Hef has his bunnies, Metallica had their ‘tub tarts’, and Motley Crue had any woman in a three-mile radius for about nine years, but there’s one accomplished guy with a crew of foxy females that hasn’t had the attention these other major players have received. Peter Romero is his name and Peter Girls is his game. Traveling around the USA and the world to shoot the most charming, enticing, and alluring young women he can find, Romero assembles a harem of Peter Girls, young women who Romero feels fit the ‘girl next door’ mold perfectly”

WOW!!! Never before did my life sound so great, though my dog is probably the only one who agrees that I’m that great! Lest I forget to feed her & take her for walks…

The writers and reviewers at these sites are experts at porn and they like my sites, so I hope that you do too! They have the dream job of watching porn all day long with a legitimate excuse to do so! Not just “research for the bedroom honey” or “Look, this porn girl looks just like you – dear”. However… if you want to become an expert on porn then write to me @ and put your opinions of my sites on theirs and I’ll extend your membership for your time to do an honest review of my sites.

Peter Romero



The Best Porn gives Petergirls a score of 80.5!!!

Top Adult review site “The Best Porn” gives Peter Girls a score of 80.5 and puts it in their “What’s Hot” section!

For the past 8 years “The Best Porn” has been reviewing Petergirls and always giving it a high score and their newest review is reflective of all the hard work we’ve been putting into the site for you our faithful viewers. They got the update count a little off (They say 455 updates when there are 516) and in my opinion it should have a little higher of a score like a 85.0 but to each his own. When you stand before the audience, you are at the mercy of the judges. We will be adding zips for the photos, a better slideshow, and streaming videos, and more navigation options to the new design, so bear with us while we make the improvements needed to bring you these great features. Enjoy all our new content of brand new-never before-seen-amateur-models & new-pornstars on Petergirls here:


Featured Model on The Best Porn Aphrodite Luv…


Featured Model on The Best Porn Aphrodite Luv…

Adult Reviews gives Petergirls a 8.0/100!!!

Adult Reviews gives Petergirls a score of 8.0/100!!! Top Porn review site gives Petergirls a score of 8.0 out of 100!!! The site has been around for a long time and knows it’s shiznit! They got one small factor wrong but I just wrote to them and I’m sure they will fix it. Thier screenshots are a little out of date and I sent them some photos to maybe replace the old ones that are featured on their review of us. So far, 5 out of 5 pornographers suggest Petergirls as a wholesome part of your porn diet. Please enjoy with lube and a box of kleenex! Enter Petergirls here:


POV Porn gets a 7.8 & Petergirls an 8.1 @ Rabbits Reviews!

Top porn review site Rabbits Reviews gave POVPorn a score of 7.8 and Petergirls a score of 8.1! I like my critics, they make me better! Believe it or not, I am harder on myself than anyone else is. I’d never get better if I wasn’t! I want to bring you the hottest models on the planet, captured in the best way I can. That’s why I’ve moved to Hawaii for the ultimate location for what I believe are the hottest xxx teen models and New Pornstars on the amateur market.


I rarely use porn agents for my casting because I don’t want to blow someone out immediately and would much rather take time to help my models come into their own place in the biz, at a much slower pace. Art-Porn takes time and I’m not interested in banging out content in a hurry because someone is booked for a gang-bang next week after my Hawaiian beach shoot. Although, I may make an exception if an experienced model, Patient agent, or porn company comes to me wanting to shoot something special or to do a high end website.

I’m trying to bring you something COMPLETELY different


than what’s already saved on your hard drive – New models, new story lines, new camera angles, new backgrounds, new points of view, new locations… and all in an atmosphere where everyone is more RELAXED – Hawaii! My stuff is so new that search engines, porn distributors, and Adult shops don’t know where to put it. I hope you like what I have created here and continue to shoot every day – real amateur models, having real orgasms, enjoying sex, and not just hammering out another day’s work in the San Fernando Valley or Florida sidestreet. Every day thousands of hot girls turn 18 wanting to explore the porn industry, and every day you get more tired of your same old porn collection. Enjoy!  

After this blog post, I got a response from Rabbits Reviews and they re-re-reviewed… my re-review! Check it out HERE!!!

Petergirls review on Rabbits Reviews HERE!!!

POVPorn Review on Rabbits Reviews HERE!!!

And my response below:

Thank you for re-re-reviewing my re-review and pointing out the specific things that may make customer choose my sites over other if they are looking for “Something very different”
Today’s Porn audience is very sophisticated in searching for EXACTLY what they are looking for. Thank you for pointing that out not for me, but for them. I wish they could have seen those points when the sites were at the very top of your review site so more customers could find exactly what they are looking for.
The term “Boutique” site, store, company, collection or whatever has been so overused recently but it is relevant in this case. I work very hard to be an innovator instead of a duplicator when creating new content for my audience that the end results often times don’t have a category, niche, nor can I pigeonhole what I’m going for. Such was the case with POVPorn – which not only didn’t have a place on the porn store shelves, a name, or a description in the beginning… NOBODY KNEW WHAT IT WAS!!! Many in the industry thought it was unethical, alot thought it was stupid, and some insisted that it was a joke and just an excuse to get laid. But, ironically, I wasn’t a producer trying to be male talent when I practically invented POV Porn, I was a male talent trying to become a director/producer. Little did they know POV Porn would take over the porn internet launching sex stars in the self-shot genre and practically creating the selfie craze. Go figure.
But, enough of my rant – check out the lovely Aphrodite Luv and the newest updates from Petergirls


and POVPorn – fully downloadable to add to your porn collection… and updated 3-5X a week!

Peter Romero

Aphrodite Luv on POVPorn!!!

Check out the latest update on POVPorn it’s none other than Brazilian hottie Aphrodite Luv!!! Aphrodite is a 19 year old cutie from Kissimmee Florida with olive skin, piercing brown eyes, perky tits, and a big round heart shaped ass!!! POVPorn is FREE with your membership to Petergirls so you can join it directly here!!! Enjoy Aphrodite Luv from your “Point of View” I know I did!



Peter Romero


Honest porn Reviews scores Petergirls 8.9/10!!!

Honest Porn Reviews scores Petergirls 8.9/10!!!

The range of content is also extremely impressive as well, from pretty tame softcore posing sets to extremely hardcore stuff.  They have also started to update on a regular basis again and with awesome quality high definition movies too a very welcome addition since our last review. peter also spent the last year filming the hottest babes in location in Hawaii to bring you something different and new…






Peter Romero

See everything that porn review sites are talking about now…


Petergirls is… “The Ohio porn Syndicate”

Petergirls is… “The Ohio porn Syndicate”

So many of the new porstars on my sites come from Ohio that I’ve decided to start “The Ohio Porn Syndicate” here on my blog. What is it about Ohio that makes girls want to do porn? Maybe you guys can help me out by leaving some comments here. But this is what I’ve heard so far… “It’s so boring, there’s nothing to do except party, and fuck” and “There’s not much opportunity in Ohio entry level so I figured Porn would be a good way to make money” and of course… “It’s so fucking COLD in Ohio in the winter, who wouldn’t want to come to Hawaii and get naked for Petergirls?”

Here’s a list of first-time nude models and new pornstars from Ohio that shot for Petergirls:

Betty Luv (Wooster Ohio)


Estelle Amore


Luna Moore


Chloe Capri


Alexandria Bondra (Upcoming)


No matter the reason… Ohio has some HOT GIRLS! Maybe I’ll move there and take over the world with the hottest girls in porn!

Peter Romero


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