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30 new updates!!!
Posted by: Roy on 1/16/16
As promised we just uploaded 30 brand new, never before seen updates on Petergirls! I got 200 more in the can and ready for you so it looks like it is going to be a long HOT WINTER here in Hawaii @ Petergirls! Enjoy!!!

PS - make sure you join for a year ($8.83 per month) to avoid the price increase. Current members in good standing will not be charged the increase in price.

Thanks for the Hot skimpy bikinis Wicked Weasel!
Posted by: Roy on 1/09/16
I want to thank The makers of the sexiest bikinis on the planet http://www.WickedWeasel.com

When I saw their bikinis years ago I knew they were the right uniform for Petergirls.

So I bought a bunch of their stuff and headed to Hawaii with some hot n sexy brand new amateur models.

If you have never seen their stuff I encourage you to visit their site and leave your shy panties at home folks... this stuff is see thru, sheer, and barely there!!!

Even more compelling is the community site for a mere $25 a year that in my opinion - is one of the hottest sites on the internet called www.Microminimus.com

Please tell em I sent you and be addicted to "Bikinis 4 Life!"

Peter Romero

Uploading all new content NOW!!!
Posted by: Roy on 12/24/15
Hey everyone. We have been shooting for 6 months straight and are uploading all the new content as we speak! We shot solo and girl girl scenes on the beach in Hawaii and in Las Vegas, as well as a ton of Boy/Girl POV scenes for http://www.POVPorn.com Enjoy!!!

Searching for amateur models that have rare natural beauty for Petergirls
Posted by: Roy on 6/16/15
Petergirls is undergoing an extensive talent search for rare naturally beautiful amateur models for our sites. No experience necessary!!! Must be 18+ years old!!!Send nude mirror selfies to chelseaandpeter@gmail.com for consideration or click the link for "Want to be a Petergirl? E-mail Chelsea Romero" Must have 2 forms of IDs and a lust for travel, adventure and cash! All expenses paid including: Air or land travel to Fabulous Las Vegas, Accommodations, food and supplies. Pays $200-$5,000 a shoot.

Peter Romero

Shooting hazel eyed huge boob 19 year old cutie
Posted by: Roy on 2/21/15
Hey guys and gals aparently... some 19 year old hottie with huge natural tits contacted me off my pornhub page to shoot with me. So I called her up and we chatted about porn and life and we are shooting this upcoming weekend. She is 100% amateur, hot, and HORNY! Stay tuned!

Posted by: Roy on 2/19/15

Posted by: Roy on 2/17/15

See here

With-all-the-female-comedians-lately-getting-raunchier-than-thier-male-comedian-competitors-I-think-it-is-only-fitting-that-Amy-Schumer-shot-her-very-own-version-of-photographer-Peter-Romeros-flagship-website-POVPorn.com - see-my-version-here...a-bit-sexier-from-my-persective-if-I-dont-say-so-myself

UFC Dan Henderson fight this weekend
Posted by: Roy on 5/22/14
I don't know about you guys but I am a huge MMA and UFC Fan and train regularly. So this weekend, my neighbor Dan "Hendo" Henderson is fighting Daniel Cormier in one of the biggest battles ever IMHO. It's gonna be a great fight and as Hyperbole Joe Rogan says "The Fight of the Century" and I couldn't agree with him more.

Irregardless Dan Henderson is taking it all in stride with a sense of humor and baits his friend DC with his favorite non-weight-making food Popeye's chicken here: Can Daniel Cormier make weight???

You can respond to this "COMPLETE MADNESS" as Hyperbole Joe Rogan says here @ Petergirls Facebook page

Starting a massive upload of content today
Posted by: Roy on 5/16/14
Hey there groovy guys and gals,

As of today May 16, 2014 I'm starting a massive upload of previously unreleased content 2X to 5X a week from now until New years. I have handjobs, blow jobs, full sex scenes, sex on the beach Lesbian scenes, and all sorts of solo scenes.

Now that I'm off... "Off the grid" with a solid internet and electric connection I'm ready to give you all the Peter Romero content you deserve. ENJOY!!!

Back in action!!!
Posted by: Roy on 5/11/14
Right mow I am finishing up something I've spent 4 years working on - my shape. When I first started full time in the porn biz as an agent all I did was work. I became a total porn-slut workaholic! So, 4 years ago I pushed myself away from the desk and got to work on myself again. My main enemy? SITTING!!! Humans are not meant to sit down 16-18 hours a day @ our desks, in our cars, on the couch watching TV, and even at the GYM!!! Or in our cars stuck in traffic on the way to the gym!!! WTF??? Anyways, so walking I went... in Palm Springs in the summer in 125 degree heat, in the city in the winter during the highest rainfall year on the last 100 years, and all this winter with ZERO rainfall and tropical weather. Walk, hike, run, lift, carry shit, sprint up hills, over 200,000 pushups, crunches, and leg lifts just this winter alone. I'm in the best shape of the last 15 years and training for triathlons again. It's been fun shocking people who havent seen me in a while who don't even recognize me now. So what does that mean to you - my loyal looky-Loos? Well, I do look for women for a living to photograph naked for you... let's see if I have any luck finding the most beautiful women on the planet to pose naked when I'm not 350 pounds anymore and I weigh 200 pounds and have a 12 pack stomach again. And I'm about to share all that with you - my loyal Looky-Loos!!!

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